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I create a sacred space where you can release the past, move into the present and prepare the future.

Julie Wood  Julie is passionate and ambitiously devoted to helping people excel in their lives. She has the gift of intuition and an inner sense of knowing the best way to guide her clients to achieve an abundant and healthy life.

This commitment to hold clients in a sometimes fierce but always loving manner has earned their respect enabling them to make the breakthroughs they desire to move out of their limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, negative thoughts, behaivours and old patterns (passed down over time or from experiences in this life) so they can have the abundant life of their dreams.

Whether you decided its time to change your life!

Are wanting to reduce your girth size and get to your ideal weight!

Are looking for ways to get more energy, unlock all that tightness in your body, the headaches, the aches and pains?

Just want your life back!

Seems like you don’t have time for you anymore and you are feeling so stressed out you can’t cope!

Are smoking and want to stop as it is too expensive, not to mention the effects on your health and the social isolation!

Well, you’ve come to the right place, Julie can help. With over 30 years of experience working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable results, her mission and commitment is to inspire her clients to be the best they can possibly be by providing the tools, tips and tricks that they need to be the person of their dreams. Whether it be one on one, in a group, workshop or seminar she believes we are all amazing, powerful unique human beings and deserve to have an abundant life. Her sessions are results driven, inspiring and fun!

As the founder and CEO of Inner Strength(Aust), and through her business, Naturally Healthy, she empowers clients with an integrated and holistic approach to managing their health and their life, believing we all deserve an abundant life – that means physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, financially and spiritually.

Her path to became a “healer”/facilitator/change agent became clear at an early when she started to “heal” animals. This led her to complete her training as a nurse and midwife. The journey as a ‘healer’ continued in the hospitals where she worked in intensive care and accident and emergency and patients had some amazing recoveries when she was on duty. As she was gifted in this area and interested in methods other than ‘western medicine’ she went on to train both in Australia and the USA in complementary health and esoteric modalities.

An accident to her husband in 1989, leaving him with severe brain and physical injuries, enabled her to persue a love of of the esoteric, metaphysical and complementary medicine arts and assist him to achieve the most in his recovery and be an inspiration to others. He had so much damage that his prognosis was poor – you should see him now!

Julie admits that lights her up about this work is knowing that she has created a sacred space where you can release the past, move into the present and prepare the future.

What sets her apart from others is the ability to see new opportunities for her clients. She uses a variety of assessment tools depending on the circumstances and this can include Biofeedback to determine any sensitivities and issues that are causing an imbalance, NLP, Hypnosis, specific supplements, oils and online tools.

You can feel confident engaging her to guide you to solve your problems. Over the years she has studied other modalities in a quest to find what was ‘right’ for her clients, family and self. Julie believes we are each unique and no one model suits us all.

After successfully completing her Post Graduate Degree in Nutrition Medicine at University, she was honoured to have worked with and be mentored by Associate Professor Dr Sir Mel Sydney-Smith, one of Australias’ foremost  medical practitioners and lecturers  in Nutrition Medicine. This is where she learnt to hone her skills in formulating individualised, integrated and holistic programs for clients, incorporating medical, complementary and esoteric modalities.

Julie loves facilitating change in people and working as a your Support Crew gives clients a road map to follow, that is integrated and holistic in nature, empowering  those that embrace it. If you are ready to commit to yourself you will also be rewarded.

Julie has co-authored and contributed to books and publications on health and stress management, run seminars and workshops in Australia and overseas as well as offering private sessions in person or on skype.

Her qualifications include: Graduate Diploma Nutrition Medicine, Graduate Diploma Occupational Health, Master Practitioner of NLP, Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Biofeedback. Julie is part of a group of Specialist Practitioners who offer “Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes™” and “Reach Your Ideal Weight in 60 minutes™” therapies and a “Bigger Bite Out of Life” /NLP Practitioner Trainer.

Julie would love to work with you if you want to change your habits, behaviours and limiting beliefs and move into who you are meant to be and be responsible for your life – living it abundantly. So let’s continue this conversation in a manner that suits you best – book your discovery session here.

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