Burnt out, stressed out and at my wits end!

Well, you are not alone!

That's how I felt a few years ago until I found my formula for success, it was so simple really and I had it all the time. It wasn't until Roger Hamilton from Wealth Dynamics, asked me what I did to help people and I told him my story that it all fell into place. It was so simple, and so obvious that I couldn't really believe that I had it and that it was how I helped others to get magical results.

I was feeling like a failure, "success" was eluding me, I was working at succeeding but it wasn't happening. I was burnt out, worn out and feeling desperate. I was looking for help to find my path through these feelings of failure. My life is never dull, on the surface I looked successful, my clients loved me and were succeeding and getting results but I still felt I had failed. I felt I had more to give, I had more to share with people, there were things I had to do but couldn't seem to do them no matter what I did.

It wasn't me, the me I knew who was decisive, took action, loved life and took chances.

If you can relate to that you know, like me, most of us go through stages in our lives, we grow up, study, get a job, maybe have a family, travel, but they are not always good, happy stages - tragedy, death, accidents are all part of it. When times get 'bad' we need help to overcome the challenges we are faced with and that could be a Coach, Counsellor, friend, family, Psychologist or other person to give us assistance to navigate through, giving us support to set a clear direction and get us back on track so we have positive outcomes we desire as much as possible - even though sometimes it is making the best of a situation that we have to live with.

Often we try to self medicate as it were and we look online for some anonymous help and all of a sudden there are all these courses and programs offering "SUCCESS" and off we go getting caught in the web of a DREAM of success, even though it is unrealistic for us.

I know I have and that new shiny object (course, program, whatever) beckoned me to join to "find myself", "make more money", be this, do that, unless you do this or join this group you won't be .......................... (I'll let you fill in the blanks). Don't get me wrong I found my Mentors that way and without their assistance, someone who would listen without judgement, be a sounding board, offer guidance and allow me to solve my challenges I wouldn't be here today.

When we are feeling 'out of control', lost and searching for answers outside ourselves we look at how other people are doing and how good they seem to be - all we see is 'they have done it, look at their success, they seem to have it all together, they make it look easy' when in fact, and they are suffering or have suffered as much as you are. Often we buy the programs and either never finish them or never even start them because we are already feeling overwhelmed and the extra pressure causes us to lose confidence in our own abilities.

We are really looking for ourselves, that inner self we have, the one that knows:

You were born for something greater than the life you have now?
Weren't you?

I'm sure you feel it .....

and even if you deny it at the moment I am sure it is there.

That nagging feeling that you were born for more than this.

More than just working 9 to 5 in a job you don’t love…
 More than just barely covering the bills…
 More than just imagining the life you want but never actually creating it.
More than just looking after your family, having babies

Trying to change your life, to learn new things, live the life you only dream about but you keep failing.

It’s like a craving for a deeper sense of meaning, a deeper sense of fulfilment, a deeper sense of wanting to make a difference to your own family and the world

But your intuition says it’s possible…
 It’s possible jump out of bed in the morning and look forward to your day.
  It’s possible to change thoughts and beliefs.
  It’s possible to feel inspired, energised and change people’s lives.
  It’s possible to be free to create a happy & fulfilled life 
  It's possible to be the success you know you can be

But then you hear that other voice…

  • But I’m not sure what I love doing!
  • I can’t leave my job because it pays the bills
  • Will people really pay ME for what I love?
  • I’m so tired after work, where will I find the time?
  • I've got no energy to do anything
  • What will people think? I will lose all my friends
  • I've tried so many times to change and nothing happens
  • I can’t change, I’m useless, I won’t amount to anything

I know because I have felt all of these before ....... nearly 30 years ago, my husband had an accident which left him with severe brain and physical injuries and I gave up my career as a nurse - working for corporations setting up occupational health programs to become a full time Carer. I had to give up my dreams of financial independence and living the life we planned. I worked hard to release him from his coma and to move him from total dependence to being independent. I don’t regret it for a minute as I was so successful that he obtained his drivers licence and drove from one side of the country to the other and back again to visit family and friends.

I went to the workshops and courses to keep me motivated and to nurture myself as, like you, I knew that the life we had wasn't the life I was meant to have. I was getting anxious, depressed and frustrated with my life, myself and our circumstances, I didn't want to be a shoulda, coulda person.

I already had learnt Counselling and I went back to University to get qualifications in Nutrition Medicine, I learnt NLP, Hypnosis, Biofeedback and other modalities to give my clients a practical approach in identifying their needs, developing unique strategies and plans so they could ultimately self manage.


but I still struggled

I struggled to fulfil my own needs as well as those of being a Carer, a wife, a partner until I discovered that simple something that would forever change my life.

This discovery has led me to assist hundreds of clients just like you to change their own lives.

What I discovered was in front of me the whole time.....  but we will get to that

In the best selling book "Power vs Force", David Hawkins wisely pointed out that people perceive the world through different levels of consciousness.

The top level of consciousness he called ‘Enlightenment’ and the bottom level was called ‘Shame’.  We know now that there is another layer of consciousness underneath ‘Shame’

It contains all the energy and power you will ever need to succeed and it holds the key to know with absolutely certainty, clarity and confidence exactly what your purpose, your passion is in life.

Once you tap into this nothing will be able to stop you from fulfilling your destiny because to transmute it and share it with the world IS your destiny.

To put it simply: throughout your life you have significant events that shape who you are and what you think you're capable of. Some of these events had negative emotions like shame and guilt associated with them causing you to have the life you have now because you just don't know why you are doing what you are doing and why you are not doing what you know.  We are also programmed to fail, the will to fail is quite strong, when you think about it, if we didn't fail we wouldn't learn. How else do we learn to walk!

In other words, YOU have been programmed to live the life you are living. We have inherited from our family line, misperceptions, misunderstandings, programs, emotions, beliefs and other things that when you dig a little deeper you see how your thinking affects your life.

So take the time to dig just a little deeper again and you would be able to find your true calling in life and a virtually infinite resource of inspired energy, living life to its fullest potential, so you can be, do, have everything you want just by changing.

The difference in how you live is how you think!

By waking up and transforming your life you can reach your unlimited potential.

"Each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint...
the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and find a way to offer it to others in the form of service."

- Oprah Winfrey

and we want to help you WAKE UP and breakfree

What if there was an easy way to change?

 What if I said to you I can show you in 5 easy steps?
  • What if there was a structured process for releasing the knowledge locked deep down inside you?
  • What if you could make a difference in the lives of others and stay true to your authentic beliefs - the true essence of you.
  • What if there was a system to transmute and transform your unique wisdom into a powerful occupation?
  • What if there was a way of taking all those moments in your own life - the traumas… the suffering, the trials and the tribulations... and transmuting them into your own style of greatness?
  • What if you could harness your own unique abilities and share them with the world?
  • What if you lived each day 100% fulfilled, happy and committed to your cause and dreams

Well don't worry there is a solution for you it is called the Wake Up and Live Program. 

Here is what you will learn in our free Masterclass;

Step 1 - Want to change - how to move from I Want to Wanting to

Step 2 - Action - It is alright wanting to change but you actually have to ACT on it and take Action

Step 3 - Know - You have to have knowledge on the steps to change

Step 4 - Elevate - You have to feel elevated and embrace the change you are making. After all you are designing your life and you should be excited.

Step 5 - Unlimited Potential -  Now you realise that you have unlimited potential to be, do and have whatever you want

"Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. Don’t die with your music still inside you."

- Dr Wayne Dyer

In this jam packed webinar you will experience the simple strategies to get clarity on where you are now and where you want to be, turning your life into something magnificent, and making a difference in the world…

I work with clients, their ideas, goals and dreams, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative ideas to change their life and move from survivor to changemaker, from average to amazing

Most Importantly, we keep it simple.

We listen to you, where you want to be, your dreams and aspirations
We work with you to think about what you really want, what is the dream life you want
We work with you to design your life, help you plan the steps
We review with you your plan and the results achieved as we go

We focus on Your skills.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused on your skills and strengths, assisting you to hone yours and stick to your guns

Move from Survivor
Taking Control of Your Life, get out of being average to amazing
Discovering Your Passion
Finding what makes your heart sing
Getting into Your Flow
Having the resources to make a difference

We are proud of our work.

We not only help you change your mindset.

We can assist you to develop your own program.

and we offer

Web Development, Advertising Design and Brand Identity development.

Join our masterclass and learn more

Its free and even if you take just one thing and implement it - it will change your life.