Release the Goddess Within

Release the Goddess Within

A Transformative Program designed so you can

Reach Your Ideal Weight

and live the

Abundant, Healthy, Vital life you were meant to live

Are you ready to take responsibility for your journey or do you just want to keep doing the same things over and over and ending up with the same results.

Releasing the Goddess Within will transform your life and open new ways for you to live your abundant life.

This is not the latest diet plan, or quick fix. It is designed to give you life long tools for you to be healthy, vital and strong.

It is for you to shine!


This program is designed to release you from the struggle of achieving and maintaining your Ideal Weight, whatever that is for you. We take an in-depth look at who you are, what you think, how you react and look at different techniques from NLP, Hypnosis to other Freedom Techniques to release you from those things that bind you and set you free to be your own Goddess.


It consists of  modules:


Module 1: Lets Talk Over Coffee


We talk about being responsible for our own health and wellbeing.


Module 2:Its All About Life.


The River of Life, our journey through life.


Module 3: Being SMART. 


Setting goals and the steps to achieve them


Module 4: Breaking the Ice and Pulling the Plug.


Remove the barriers to releasing our Goddess.


Module5: Let’s Talk about Food.


What do I eat, what sort of diet should I have?


Module 6: Let’s Get Emotional.


Here we talk about stress, life and ways of dealing with it.


Module 7: Let’s Get Physical


How often, for how long and what type.


Module 8: Lets Celebrate! 


Putting it all together