Chocolate Bliss Balls

Makes 10


1/4 cup (65gms) superfoods(pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds)

1/4 cup (65gms) Organic cocao  powder

2 tbsp (30gms) Organic coconut oil

1 cup (220gm) nut meal (almond, walnut, cashew)

1/4 cup (65gm) date, dried berries, acai, goji, blueberry, cherry – soaked in fresh orange juice

1/8 cup (40gm) Coconut – grated for rolling


Soak the dried fruit in enough fresh juice to cover – orange is the best but you can use pomegranate, cranberry depending on your preference.

Once they have plumped up – place the fruit, cocao powder, nut meal, superfoods and juice in a blender and blend until mixed to your desired consisency, add the coconut oil and mix well.

Once mixed, using your hands, shape into small balls and roll in the grated coconut.

Chill for an hour to firm up.

Store in the freezer and take out as wanted

Add Camu Camu or Lucuma powder (1tspn) if oyu are looking for extra sweetness.


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