Mindful Parenting: How to Raise Kind and Conscious Kids

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father and kidsMindfulness can be such a valuable tool for parenting, especially in trying moments when everything seems to be overwhelming. Read how you and your children can practice mindfulness in order to foster deeper and happier family relationships.

Your alarm didn’t go off so you rush around getting all the kids up and dressed and packing their lunches.

You get to your car and notice that there’s ice on the windows, which means you will need time to scrape it off. Your son drops his book bag into the snow and his lunch and books tumble out. He makes snowballs and lobs them playfully in your direction. You say, “No, don’t worry, I can scrape the windows” under your breath. Tears well up in his eyes and you silently berate yourself for always being late and for being so grumpy.

For parents, challenging moments like this that cause us to “snap” or “lose it” are regular reminders of how mindfulness can be such a valuable tool in parenting.

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