Healthy Ways to Take in Mass Media News

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Everywhere we look we are bombarded with sensationalized and tragic news from the media. And if we sat in front of our TVs for too long, the sorrow and suffering felt around the world would overwhelm us. How do we stay in touch with the what’s going on in the world while also looking out for our well-being? Author Elizabeth Gilbert weighs in.

Recently, a young woman asked me how I cope with all the bad news in the world these days. She’s not sure how to manage it all.As an intelligent and thoughtful person, she feels an obligation to stay in touch with what’s happening … but then she is dragged into despair by the suffering and sorrows that she sees on TV. Here’s the advice I have for this woman, and anyone wondering how to stay in the loop on what’s happening in the world without letting the despair of bad news take over your life. –

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