ZANEROBE’s Solar streetwear collection is to die for

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ZANEROBE’s Solar streetwear collection is to die for

In their latest collection, entitled ‘Solar’, Australian fashion label ZANEROBE promises streetwear measured by light, movement, and revolutions.

The company’s design ethos takes on a two-part story in Solar. It builds on current successes, while giving us a glimpse of the future. Constantly moving from where we are to where we should be.

The result? A fresh clothing line that emphasises movement through ‘fabric with memory, form, stretch and touch. Tech-bonded, coated and heat-sealed jersey and outerwear’.

These include boxy-fit ‘Box Chino’ and utility-inspired ‘Salerno MU’, ‘Rugger’ dropped shoulder upperwear and premium ‘Aten’ jackets, and new, regular-straight ‘Joe Blow’ denim.


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