Woman convinced her knee looks like James Corden

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Woman convinced her knee looks like James Corden

Knees are weird. They’re wrinkly, discoloured, stretchy and look like aliens. And if they’re really odd, sometimes they’ll look like Late, Late Show host James Corden.

Such is the case for 22-year-old Emily Daly from the UK. The British estate agent had her mum take her photo before going on a night out, and she noticed the famous face in her knee (totally happens all the time).

“I was wearing a short denim skirt and I looked at the photo and thought ‘wait a second, my left knee looks just like James Corden’,” she told Express. “You can clearly see the outline of his hair and the shape of his face. I’m not self-conscious about it – I feel really proud.”

Her mum and friends found it hilarious. …

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