What peacock feathers look like under a microscope

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What peacock feathers look like under a microscope

Canadian software engineer and photographer Waldo Nell shows us just how fabulous peacock feathers are – even at a microscopic level.

Using an Olympus BX 53 microscope, Nell employed a technique called ‘photo stacking’. It involves combining hundreds of pictures taken at different focal points to get an image with a greater depth of field.

The results of his experiment reveal how peacock feathers don’t look like feathers at all. Instead, they look like chains of colourful and radiant metal intertwined like jewelry!

You can head on over here to see more of Waldo Nell’s photography.

<img src="http://cdn0.lostateminor.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/what-peacock-feathers-look-like-under-a-microscope1-60×60.jpg…

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