This one eyed cat loves to go surfing in Hawaii

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This one eyed cat loves to go surfing in Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii sun, surf and beaches come to mind. Now there’s another attraction – Kuli the one eyed Surfing Cat.

Nānākuli (or Kuli for short) first began surfing with his owners Krista Littleton and Alexandra Gomez when he was only a few months old. After a bad infection left Kuli with no other option but surgery to remove the bung eye, his owners regularly bathed and cleaned him as part of the recovery.

These days Kuli has no worries when it comes to getting a bit wet and enjoys sinking his claws into the soft foam of boogie boards to ride some gentle waves into shore. Sometimes he prefers to jump ship in calm waters and swim around.

The name Nānākuli translates from Hawaiian to mean, “Look at knee” or “pretend to be deaf” depending on what translation you go wit…

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