These shirts make babies look like they have tattoos

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These shirts make babies look like they have tattoos

Ditch the cute and cuddly attire for your baby, and instead make them look like a rockstar! Etsy store TotTudes is selling a line of shirts that come with sleeves that look like sleeve tattoos.

The store’s founder – a children’s photographer and mum of four – made the collection after she grew tired of seeing the same clothes in her shoots.

She wanted something more badass and metal. Her solution? Safe and regret-free temporary tattoos printed on the sleeves of shirts.

The tats come in different designs, from snakes, to flaming skulls – even a heart with ‘mom’ spelled on it. Aww, such a sweetheart this tattooed little triker.

The shirts are priced between $24 and $35, and are all available here.

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