The Ultimate Guide to Oven Temperatures

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Super Easy Moussaka

A few months ago I got a question from one of the members from my done-for-you meal planning service I call ‘Soupstones’.

It’s went something, well actually, it went exactly like this…

Hey Jules,

Tonight’s dinner was divine: The Satay Curry from Soupstones (meal plan) 99. MUST make it again!

Anyway, tonight’s plan was actually Italian Sausage Supper + Divine 4 Ingredients Cheesecake.

I chickened out.

Can I cook them in the oven together, even though one is 170 and the other 200 degrees celsius. Are there guidelines i can use as dictate what can be cooked in the oven, and what temps?


FYI. Cheesecake is in the oven now. Sausage supper is for tomorrow. 🙂

My answer was yes you can absolutely cook them in the oven together. Best to set the tem…

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