That ridiculously handsome Carrot Man is now a model

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That ridiculously handsome Carrot Man is now a model

In the Philippines, a ridiculously photogenic carrot picker has moved up from the farm all the way to the catwalk.

21-year-old Jeyrick Sigmaton rose to fame in early February when he was spotted by a passer-by and unknowingly had his photo taken. His pop star looks quickly made the rounds of social media, sending hearts fluttering and earning him the nickname, “Carrot Man.”

On Wednesday, he became a model, signing with local brand Boardwalk. One photo features him donning a carrot-printed hoodie, while another shows his look just after going through a makeover. The latter photo has already received more than 8,000 likes on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time an Asian guy became famous for being handsome while doing his job. In T…

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