Oasis Eco Resort will be a 5-star mirage come to life

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Oasis Eco Resort will be a 5-star mirage come to life

Baharash Architecture has designed a resort that will be just like a futuristic oasis in the middle of the UAE desert.

Called the Oasis Eco Resort, it’s slated to be finished by 2020 and is dubbed as the greenest of its kind in the world. The property will be surrounded by 157,000 square feet of solar panels, supplying a hundred percent of its energy needs.

It also makes use of a natural spring found on-site. It will be used for irrigation, fish farming, a natural habitat for wildlife, and recreational activities. The company will also hire biologists and conservation staff to ensure harmony between local wildlife and their clients.

The restaurant, meanwhile, will grow its own organic food or brought in fresh da…

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