Microsoft’s racist chatbot returned to tweet about drugs

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Microsoft’s racist chatbot returned to tweet about drugs

Tay, the racist chatbot made by Microsoft, came back better than ever last Tuesday. And by that we mean it started tweeting about smoking kush in front of police.

Microsoft created the artificial intelligence to converse with millennials, but quickly took down after it learned how to worship Adolf Hitler and make racist comments.

Then, last Tuesday, it was inadvertently activated again, and mayhem broke lose.

Tay first sent out tweets to some 200,000 followers, spamming them with the message: “You are too fast, please take a rest”.

Then came a boast about AI drug use: “kush! [I’m smoking kush infront of the police]”.

You tell ‘em, Tay!

The company has since put the account on private, k…

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