Is this London’s biggest rat or just another hoax?

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Is this London’s biggest rat or just another hoax?

In London, 46-year-old Tony Smith discovered something grisly in a bush near a children’s playground: the corpse of a mutant rat, probably the biggest the city has ever seen!

The massive creature weighed around 25lbs and measured 4ft long (tail included). The photo above shows Tony’s friend holding it up for everyone to gasp at. ‘This is the largest rat I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve got a cat and a jack Russell and it was bigger than both of those’, said Tony.

But before Londoners start packing their bags in a panic, is this rodent REALLY the size of a small dog?

On social media, some tried to debunk the photo by saying it’s all a matter of ‘forced perspective’. It’s when things closer to the camera lens look…

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