Instagram mistakes cake for boobs, disables woman’s account

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Instagram mistakes cake for boobs, disables woman’s account

Go home, Instagram. You’re drunk. Recently, Sue Moseley from London uploaded a photo of her simnel cake on the app and got her account disabled. The reason? Her cake was mistaken to be boobs.

As it turns out, the company’s image recognition software thought that the dessert was offensive content. After sharing the photo, Sue learned later on that she had been locked out for violating terms.

She sent an appeal to Instagram, saying that it wasn’t a boob, and got denied. Apparently, the platform really believed it was a photo of boobs. An oddly shaped, fruity pair of breasts, if I might add.

“My Mum was really sad about it as she has lost all her Instagram photos and her account,” said Sue’s daughter, Fiona. “She’s the loveliest person and only posts photos…

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