How I Deal With Fussy Easters (of all ages)

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Cheesey Cauli Mash

It can be heart breaking. I know. You’ve slaved away to make a beautiful, healthy meal. Poured your heart and soul into it.

And it gets left on the plate. Usually with a disdainful look.

Mothers of small children are probably the most familiar with this unpleasant scenario. As I (unfortunately) know only too well these days with an almost-3-year old in the house.

Sometimes I wish I was one of those parents talking about how their child loves olives and broccoli and kale and chilli and anchovies. But then Fergal wouldn’t be the Fergal I know and love. And I wouldn’t have this amazing opportunity to (hopefully) help him learn to love a bigger variety of food.

Plus fussy eaters can come in all shapes and sizes so if you have a larger one on your hands these tips are for you too!

4 Tips for Coping with Fus…

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