Girl defies body shamers by taking 4 ‘inappropriate’ photos

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Girl defies body shamers by taking 4 ‘inappropriate’ photos

After seeing a tweet that said 200lbs women shouldn’t wear bikinis, one girl shut down body shamers by doing the thing they hated most. She put on a bikini and flaunted her plus size frame on social media.

20-year old student Sara Petty started her body positive campaign after noticing tweets about what plus size women should or shouldn’t wear. She looked up similar nasty posts containing the keywords, ‘200 pounds’.

Spoiler: there were A LOT.

So to address this, she took a bunch of selfies wearing these ‘inappropriate’ clothes – like leggings and crop tops. Then she put the photos up with the caption, ‘Girls, wear whatever the hell you want’.

‘It was kind of scary because I knew I coul…

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