‘Frozen’ had a Snowflake Consultant and he can grow snowflakes

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‘Frozen’ had a Snowflake Consultant and he can grow snowflakes

Did you know that Disney’s Frozen had a Snowflake Consultant? Just like Elsa, Dr Kenneth Libbrecht can grow his own snow crystals – albeit with the help of science!

Libbrecht, a physicist at Caltech, puts together art and science by creating snowflake designs and taking their photographs. The crystals come in all shapes and sizes, from simple prisms to more complex forms, like 12-branched stars and crossed plates.

“People think that a snowflake is just a frozen raindrop,” he told Smithsonian. “But that’s sleet, just little ice cubes, and not even close to what a snowflake is.”

In this video, by Great Big Story, Libbrecht tells us more about how these beautiful formations are made in a lab…

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