Eggie: a portable lamp that’s shaped like an egg

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Eggie: a portable lamp that’s shaped like an egg

Vancouver-based designers Gavin Chu and Andrew Geng have created a lamp that combines engineering with egg-cellent design.

Called Eggie, the device is a portable, waterproof lamp that’s shaped like a chicken egg. It’s made to last up to seven hours and can be charged using a wireless base. To turn it on, just shake it twice, then repeat to turn it off.

The egg can be used in a variety of applications. From serving as a decorative piece, to becoming a light source in your tub (it floats!), to being a canvas for your doodles.

As of writing, the campaign is already nearing its funding goal of $28,000CAD, with 16 days to go. You can head on over here to support the project.

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