Dog ‘hijacks’ truck, unsurprisingly crashes it

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Dog ‘hijacks’ truck, unsurprisingly crashes it

Bad dog, bad! In Minnesota, a semi-truck went out of control and crashed into a tree and a parked car. The culprit behind this accident? A Labrador retriever.

According to authorities, the incident happened while the driver (the real one) was inside a convenience store. His dog jumped onto the driver’s seat and accidentally put the vehicle in gear. The truck then idled across the street, went over a curb, hit a tree, then came to a full stop after smashing into a car.

‘In my career I’ve not had an accident reported like this one’, said Mankato Police operations commander Daniel Schisel.

No one was reported injured, including the mischievous canine. The pup wasn’t arrested either, though we doubt he’ll be getting any treats soon.

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