Couple does best baby photoshoot ever with a burrito

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Couple does best baby photoshoot ever with a burrito

When comedians MK Paulsen and Ella Gale decided to have a baby photoshoot, there was one problem: they didn’t have a baby. So they got the next best thing…

Made in collaboration with photographer Erin Holsonback, the series shows the couple welcoming their burrito into the world with loving arms (and perhaps drooling mouths).

The pair parody the cliché poses often seen in these shoots, like holding the ‘child’ while both parents are naked.

It’s oddly heartwarming, seeing Paulsen and Gale taking care of the Mexican dish as if it were really theirs. It would be a shame if they cannibalised it for lunch afterwards.

You can see more on their series on the website ‘Burrito Makes Three’.

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