An Embarrassing Peek at My Neglected Edible Garden

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Ihad a lot of internal struggle about writing this blog post. Normally I’m not a ‘warts-and-all’ type of girl.

While I’m not exactly a perfectionist, I do like to have things at least presentable before sharing with the world.

But then it occurred to me that we can all learn something from my incredibly neglected veggie garden… Which edible plants are pretty much indestructible. The food that can survive the last few months of my heavily pregnant / bringing a newborn home life.

So here we go. I hope you find this helpful!

Veg garden April 16

Summer Salad Garden

Apart from herbs, my number 1 priority in veg gardening is to keep us well supplied with organic salad leaves. This is because buying leaves is expensive and they tend to be very perishable. Plus a green salad is my &#821…

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