Abandoned manholes in Milan are turned into secret rooms

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Abandoned manholes in Milan are turned into secret rooms

Milan-based artist Biancoshock has turned the city’s abandoned manholes into secret underground living spaces.

The project, called Borderlife, involves renovating three cramped rooms into different domestic settings. One looks like a living room, while another appears to a shower. The last one is a kitchen and even comes with small utensils.

While secret rooms are pretty cool, these ones are anything but. Biacoshock created these spaces to raise awareness about the living conditions of people living in Bucharest’s sewer systems.

You can find out more about Biancoshock and his work here.

<img src="http://cdn0.lostateminor.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/abandoned-manholes-in-milan-are-turned-into-secre…

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