Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback

The law of nature states everything has a vibration. We learn at school that we are made up of atoms, which are in a constant state of motion and depending on their speed things can appear as a solid, a liquid or a gas. Our thoughts and voice are also vibrations. Quantum Biofeedback utilises electromagnetic frequencies to help align the electrical impulses in the body, reducing stress related to health imbalances.

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Consider this

Basically biofeedback is similar to a virus scan on the computer. It scans the body for over 9000 different frequencies. We know every virus, parasite, bacteria, emotion and remedy has its own unique Energetic Signature or wave pattern. There has been countless research in the field of Energy Medicine and resonant frequencies.

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A Typical Session

A session takes approximately 2 hours depending on your health. After completion of initial information you are connected to the device by a head harness and limb straps or through your voice. The device then charts your response to the different frequencies built in to the database, looking at your biological reactivity and resonance using certain mathematical formula.

This offers an understanding of possible imbalances in your body as well as offering balancing frequencies which can assist the body to heal itself naturally by reducing or removing stressors, which contribute to illness.

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Food Sensitivity
A safe and easy way to find your sensitivity to foods
Nutritional Assessment
Assess your vitamin and mineral levels
Toxicities, Fungi, Parasites and Heavy Metal Assessment
Here we determine if there are any toxins, fungi, parasites in your system that are causing you issues
Emotional Blockages
We all carry emotions and as we have now learnt, many of those emotions and related behaviours are already imprinted in our DNA. Often our response to certain emotions - anger, sadness, happiness, fear - seem irrelevant to the current situation, in other words we have misinterpreted the situation and reacted badly due to our inherited misperceptions and misunderstandings. This shows us where our blockages lie.
Aura and Chakra Scan
Scan your energy body, your chakras - clear any blockages and rebalance your system.
A Complete Health Analysis
A complete MIND, BODY & ENERGY FIELD analysis identifying imbalances and weaknesses in your body with supportive electromagnetic therapies to rebalance you, strengthen your body and immune system.


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