7 Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

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woman with dogPets are more than just furry companions; they can provide their owners with numerous benefits, including improved emotional and physical health.

There are few things better than coming home from a stressful day at work to an excited dog or cat that is able to provide you with the comfort and

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How to Nurture Your Feminine Side

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How to Nurture Your Feminine SideFemininity is a special gift—it makes us softer, gentler, kinder, nurturing, compassionate, and loving. As women we are constantly balancing many roles, making it difficult to be feminine. If you have been denying your femininity, here are some ways to rebalance and embrace your softer side.

We all share energy that is both female and male. Think of it as yin and yang, complementary and both necessary. Dr...read more

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8 Acupressure Points to Relieve Headaches

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If you’re on a quest to find relief from your headaches, it might be time to try acupressure. It’s a therapy you can do by yourself at home, and science backs its efficacy. Here are eight acupressure points to get you started on the road to pain relief.

Headaches are frequent cause for concern: Every 10 seconds, some.… read more

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5 Ways to Improve Creativity Through Meditation

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5 Ways to Improve Creativity Through MeditationDespite popular belief, you don’t need angst or sadness to stimulate creativity; meditation can provide the same inspiration. Read how you can improve your creativity by focusing inward and trusting your instinct.

Artists and art lovers alike have gathered the evidence to support their belief that unless you are filled with angst like Bob Dylan, Alanis Moriss

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No screaming babies! This hotel in Germany is a kid-free zone (and it’s quickly becoming a trend)

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No screaming babies! This hotel in Germany is a kid-free zone (and it’s quickly becoming a trend)

Got kids? Well you’re not invited to this hotel in Germany!

Welcome to Hotel Parkschloessl, a cozy retreat in Bavaria that hasn’t allowed kids to stay in their rooms since 2014.

Hotel Parkschloessl owner Franz Kandlbinder, said, ‘We simply want two or three days of quiet where we don’t hear children.That’s the customer group we’re targeting’.

Hotel employee Lisa said she didn’t even blame the kids for the hotel being an adults-only zone.

‘Parents were unable to deal with their children. They ran around and parents had no control over them. Even when they disciplined them, the children showed no reaction’.

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Corporate Calm: 7 Steps to Sharing Mind-Body Wellness in the Workplace

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work meetingAre you looking to implement a mind-body wellness program at your workplace? Check out these seven steps to help you get started.

Over the past few decades, mind-body wellness has had a noticeable impact on the corporate landscape. read more here

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